Turbo Tekstil is a deep-rooted and very big company that has a leading position in the industry, offering a professional staff in its facilities using the latest technology. It operates on an area of 40,000 square meters with a closed area of 24,000 square meters at our production facilities in Ergene. We have 236 employees. TURBO Tekstil provides production with Oeko-tex 100 certificate. Turbo Tekstil also has O.C.S. It has the Global Organic Textile Standard (OE 100 and OE Blended) and is accredited with the brands DİSNEY - INDITEX-H & M-GEORGE-SEDEX-MARKS AND SPENCER.

With renewed rotation machines and ram, we target our capacity as 600 tons. In addition, we made new machinery investments in digital printing and increased our capacity there. This year, we aimed to create synergies by moving our sublimation printing department from Istanbul to Ergene factory.

Our approaches in creating new fiber types in clothing fabrics;

    All kinds of finishing processes of fabrics consisting of cotton polyester, viscose and viscose fibers are made according to the standards of the brands in our modernized laboratories and facilities.

Our investments in Digital Printing;

Rotation printing template is both difficult and expensive compared to digital printing. We believe that digital printing will cover most of the rotational printing capacity in a short period of time. For this reason, we think that we are the pioneers in digital printing in our region. We follow the digital printing machine technology closely and continue our investments in the speed, quality cost triangle.

Environment - Human policies;

The policies of our company regarding the environment and our employees are carried out not as a necessity but as part of our company culture. We have a respectable and practicable policy. Our Environmental Engineers follow the environmental regulations and give us the knowledge and training of what we should do about it. In the scope of occupational safety, orientation trainings and other subjects are discussed with our full-time specialist. We think that these issues should be done by experts. In this regard, our company receives very positive feedbacks. Employee satisfaction and positive returns of brands have shown that we are on the right track.

The goal of reducing energy costs;

Energy cost is one of the biggest problems in the world. Therefore, we take into account the energy usage amounts when buying new machines.

We consider all kinds of consumption as energy loss. According to the reports we received from energy measurement companies, we planned our machinery and equipment investments and started to implement them in time. We have set energy cost targets, we have seen that we have reached the results that we find difficult as the target in the beginning.

Our medium and long-term goals due to ecology and cost pressure;

Turgay Colakoglu, the chairman of the board of directors, is a member of the board of directors of ERGENE 1 O.S.B. We hope that the joint treatment plant will be operational in 2018. This will relax our company in terms of environmental legislation. Our paints and chemicals are selected in accordance with the environmental legislation in today's conditions and today's treatment conditions that do not harm the nature ecologically as deemed appropriate by the brands.

Cost pressure has always been the problem of firms. Our goal is to reduce our production cost by increasing our production. This is the most common cost reduction policy, but we want to make a difference in printing. We think that we have contributed to our customers with our wide pattern creation and design team.

Our goals in textile branding;

If the company has managed to work with brands, we think that it has been a part of the brand. We are trying to meet the needs of the age and brands by supporting our R & D department technically. We have solved this issue partly by the trainings given by the experts of the subject. In textile, every subject can be interpreted differently and we foresee that each subject and problem should be handled by the expert. We don't think a person knows everything.