We think that clean air and health are important for people living in Tekirdağ. We believe that this is important not only for the people of Tekirdag but also for all mankind. We believe that a sustainable and livable environment should be provided and protected in the best possible way.

For this purpose, we are committed to fulfilling the requirements of our Environmental Policy.

  • To contribute to the development of the relevant environmental legislation, to fulfill the legislative requirements as a priority, and to implement the improvements necessary to include social responsibility projects in addition to the legal regulations,
  • To prevent environmental pollution by following technological developments, to reduce waste at the source, to include waste in the recycling process / recovery process and to dispose of non-recyclable wastes without harming the environment,
  • Reducing our environmental impacts at source and continuously improving our environmental performance,
  • To plan and implement measures to minimize environmental damage during any environmental accident or emergency situation which may occur during our operations,
  • To use communication channels to improve the environmental awareness and environmental awareness of all of our employees and to carry out continuous trainings, activities and social responsibility projects for the employees,
  • Developing the principle of environmental protection and development with all our employees,
  • To cooperate with the relevant institutions and organizations in the works to protect the environment we live,
  • To determine the environmental goals and targets within the framework of our environmental goals and objectives, to review and to achieve these goals by separating all the necessary resources to ensure the continuity of the system and continuously improve,

In the process of product creation and presentation, TURBO TEKSTIL accepts the responsibility of increasing the environmental awareness of the individuals, institutions and organizations in which it interacts directly and indirectly, and fulfilling its environmental responsibilities against its local and regional neighbors. Our company creates systems based on the effective use of the environment and natural resources and ensures the continuity of these systems.