TURBO plans to reach its goals and how to achieve these goals. Our company continues to take important steps to be an example for other textile companies today as it was yesterday.

We know that it is not possible for an organization that does not recognize its internal structure, systems and processes to succeed. With the Strategic Management system, we are planning not only today but also tomorrow.

The main topics of the TURBO Strategic Plan covering the years 2015 - 2018 are listed below. We wish this plan to be effective and complete with the participation of all of our staff and to be beneficial to TURBO staff in particular.

Strategic Purpose

As a company, we want to develop the corporate perception and expectations. For this purpose, we ensure sustainable growth by using resources effectively and efficiently.

  • Improving service quality and increasing customer satisfaction,
  • Maintaining the continuation of strong financial structure by reducing costs,
  • Increasing sales of strong financial structure and other revenues,
  • Perfecting the corporate management system,
  • Increasing the performance and satisfaction levels of employees,
  • Empowering knowledge and technology leadership by being innovative and improving design capacity,
  • Strengthening the physical and operational structure and making them sensitive to risks,
  • Strengthening our national and international position.